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Gear up Workshops

Magdalena Kamińska

Founder @ Big Call Center of Servant Leadership Poland

How to lead new generations using the role of a Servant Leader?

In 2011, a wise person told me: The strength of your team will depend on the strength of your support. At that time, I found myself trapped by wondering whether there was still a place for me as a leader in an agile organization. What should I really be doing now?[...]

Dominik Juszczyk

Certified Gallup Coach | Chief People Officer @ inFakt

Dance Between Team Retention and Efficiency

How does your work cycle with employees look like, which allows you to constantly assess the performance of each individual, build awareness of their responsibilities, set goals, hold them accountable, provide conscious feedback, and, when necessary, part ways with employees gracefully?[...]

Dominik Juszczyk

Certified Gallup Coach | Chief People Officer @ inFakt

How much time should your people spend on Deep Work?

Deep work is the kind of work that requires intense focus, during which new things are created that are hard to replicate and automate. During the workshop, we will determine how your company values ​​affect focused work, develop your expectations for individuals in your team in this area, and explore what you can do to help them (and not hinder them).

Maciej Chrzanowski

Trener produktywności

An efficient individual equals an efficient company" - Introduction to a proprietary methodology for increasing employee productivity through AI and no-code

How quickly can you outpace the competition when employees are completing 12% more tasks, 25% faster, and with 40% higher quality, all while not losing even 26% on information search and filtering?[...]

Patrick Kozakiewicz

Associate Director Health & Well-Being @ Kyndryl

Deepening your Mindfulness as an IT Manager

Join Patrick Kozakiewicz, Director of Well-Being at Kyndryl and Mindfulness Supervisor/ Teacher at the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation take you through recent psychological findings and the latest work out of Oxford to provide the IT manager an opportunity to see more clearly both the tipping points for distress and exhaustion, and also how to flourish by appreciating work again, even in the midst of difficulties in the techno business world.[...]

Magdalena Skorupka-Kaczmarek

CEO @ KomunikujMY

Building Team Strength Through Understanding and Collaboration - Communication in Practice

Internal communication is key to effective teamwork and company operations. Unfortunately, we often don't take it seriously enough and implement actions that can improve our group dynamics.[...]

Justyna Szylman

Zacheta - Narodowa Galeria Sztuki

Human Skills, Human Power - Workshop on Building Future Competencies

Perfect Foundations for Building Future Competencies can be found in contemporary art, which uses them in a conscious and extremely modern way. Artists, in order to succeed, are open to self-improvement and dialogue.[...]

Agnieszka Pytel

Organizational Change and Knowledge Manager @ Comarch

Some men go through a forest and see no firewood. How to ensure a motivating work environment?

This workshop integrates engaging activities and reflection points to recognize the complexities of motivation in the workplace. First, we will break the ice between participants based on metaphorical cards, then we will apply Liberating Structures to exchange about team motivations.[...]

Piotr Sroka

Technical Writing Team Leader @ Hitachi Energy

Verbal Agility in English: Exploring the Dynamics of Business, Everyday, and Technical English

Is English still a foreign language? Does more mean better? Does simpler mean worse? I invite you to a workshop where we will enhance our skills in better communicating in English in the corporate world.[...]

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