Conference Agenda 2024


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Rafał Brzoska

Entrepreneur, innovator, founder of Inpost company

My Journey to Success and Mistakes I Made

David Whelan

Director, Venture Markets CEE, SEE, Israel & Public Sector EMEA & LATAM @ LinkedIn

Effective navigation in the era of transformation: key future competencies

Kamil Wyszkowski

Representative and Executive Director @ UN Global Compact Network Poland

IT Responsibility in the Era of Climate Change: Challenges, Opportunities, and Sustainable Practices

Explore the critical intersection of IT Responsibility and Climate Change in this insightful presentation. Delve into the challenges posed by the evolving climate landscape, discover the vast opportunities for positive impact, and uncover sustainable practices for IT in the face of environmental shifts.[...]

Robert Futera

CIO – Vice President Corporate IT@ Schunk Group

Maciej Ziemianski

CIO @ Volkswagen Group France

CIO's Story - Successes, International Challenges, and Life Harmony Abroad

Experienced CIOs invite you to a fascinating discussion where they not only share success stories from the international business scene but also reveal how they harmoniously combine their career path with personal life.[...]

Łukasz "Knopek" Konopka

Łukasz Knopek Konopka - Knopek Pełną Gębą

The Power of Sound in Dialogue: Discovering Communicative Potential

Are you wondering how to make your voice captivating? Would you like to master the art of confident and effective communication? Do you care about refining your diction and strengthening your breathing? Are you interested in learning how to operate your voice in front of the camera?[...]

Marcin Floryan

Director of Product and Engineering @ Spotify

Five Reflections for Modern Leaders

The world is constantly changing. We are finding out that "tried and tested" ways of the past are no longer fit for what lays ahead. The journey is challenging and fun and each one of us has to discover it for ourselves.[...]

Włodzisław Duch

Polish scientist, a professor of physical sciences specializing in AI

Vision of the Future: Human, AI, Technology, and Harmony

Discover the vision of harmonious coexistence between humans and AI in the fascinating lecture by Prof. Włodzisław Duch. Immerse yourself in the future where technology becomes a partner of humanity, and AI is a tool for building a better tomorrow.[...]

Justyna Szylman

Zacheta - Narodowa Galeria Sztuki

Be a leader of the future and make it an art!

The job market is evolving, and in recent years, this process has accelerated and intensified. According to the latest research from the McKinsey Global Institute, there will be a demand for completely new skills worldwide over the next 10 years. So far, highly valued hard skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) will take a back seat, and achieving success will require a high development of so-called human skills.

Tomasz Klamrowski

Senior Account Director @ Sii Poland

Modern Collaboration Models in IT Service Management: From Challenges to Triumph

Modern collaboration models are changing the perspective on IT service management. Learn why many organizations struggle with wasting money on services that do not meet expectations, and how to address attrition issues with the provider.[...]

Sebastian Grzywacz

Co-founder @ Fundacja Ponad Słowami

I see no obstacles

Wojciech Liszka

CEO @ Z—Factor | co-founder @ alloweat

How much does a wrong decision cost?

Jovan Protic

COO @ Ringier Axel Springer Polska

My lessons after 6 months in Silicon Valley

Magdalena Kamińska

Founder @ Big Call Center of Servant Leadership Poland

Nomad, koczownik, pasterz? Jakim przewodnikiem jest Servant Leader(-ka) w organizacji?

Are you curious why Magda found the archetype of a Servant Leader in nomadic pastoralism within the organization? As we look around, we see more and more organizations boldly deciding to build businesses differently.[...]

Konrad Grzegory

Transformation Director @ CD PROJEKT RED

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Hundreds of individuals, dozens of teams, thousands of dependencies - best practices for managing it all

W ramach prezentacji, zagłębimy się w świat Cyberpunka 2077 – skupimy się na czymś, co dotyka nas wszystkich: zarządzaniu zespołami i tysiącami zależności. W świecie współpracy kilkuset osób i kilkudziesięciu zespołów, odkryliśmy sposób na przezwyciężenie chaosu.[...]

Patrick Kozakiewicz

Associate Director Health & Well-Being @ Kyndryl

How to implement Well-Being Strategy for a Fortune 400 Technology Company

Join Patrick Kozakiewicz, Director of Well-Being at Kyndryl share his story, lessons and takeaways with implementing a global well-being program for over 80,000 employees across 60 countries.

How agile culture and product teams helped Allegro become international?

As part of the presentation, we will delve into the world of Cyberpunk 2077 - focusing on something that affects us all: team management and thousands of dependencies. In a world of collaboration involving hundreds of individuals and dozens of teams, we have discovered a way to overcome chaos.[...]

Karolina Mitraszewska

COO @ Nest Bank

AI first at Nest Bank

Mateusz Kusznierewicz

Sailor, Olympics champion, Europe and World Master | Entrepreneur and promotor of social activity

Power Walk

Start your day with us on the morning Power Walk and discover how a simple activity like walking can positively impact your day![...]

Waldemar Olbryk

CEO @ Archicom S.A. | Board Member @ Responsible Business Forum

Przemysław Zakrzewski

Head of Corporate Technology Center @ ABB

Repurpose your wisdom, The invisible power of listening

Join us for a dynamic conversation challenging the separate worlds of diverse ages, passions and professions. Discover the untapped potential of empathy and openness. Uncover the winning formula of merging wisdom with a beginner's mindset, fostering curiosity and evolution.[...]

Krzysztof Dąbrowski

COO @ mBank

Bożena Leśniewska

EVP/Chief Enterprise Officer @ Orange Polska

Robert Trętowski

VP of the Management Board @ KIR

Dariusz Piotrowski

VP Sales, General Manager Poland @ Dell Technologies

IT Leaders in the Ring: Navigating Today's Challenges and Tomorrow's Solutions

Join us for a unique and insightful session with three experienced and respected IT leaders who will share their perspectives on the current challenges facing CIOs and CTOs in large organizations. Our guests will discuss emerging trends, what the future holds, and how to prepare for the challenges ahead.[...]

Gdynia - the host city IT Manager of Tomorrow 2024

Gdynia – city opens to IT Managers, Leaders, and Professionals. Come for the conference, stay in Gdynia!

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