Gear Up Day

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Gear up yourself up for tomorrow

A unique opportunity to participate in professional workshops and develop the skills you need to be ready for tomorrow. Gear Up workshops are half-day programs, that focus on practical and immediate application back on the job.


Choose from one of many workshops ranging from operational to strategic in focus. A detailed description of particular workshops will be published at a later date. Approx one week before Gear Up Day you will have an opportunity to pick the workshops of your choice. Gear Up Day is optional and involves an additional fee.

Gear Up Day
without Conference

We will not meet at the conference? Maybe we will
meet on June 12th practical workshop
in Gear Up Day?

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Gear Up Day
+ Conference

Prepare for tomorrow! Make the most of yours
time at the conference. Take part in practical
workshop on Wednesday, June 12.

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