Tomasz Pająk

DevOps Lead @ Conlea / Head of Engineering @ DNA Technology

Awards Jury Gear Up Trainer Panelist


Head of Engineering, Board Member, Partner @ DNA Technology (
Agile and DevOps Lead @ Conlea (
DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Ambassador for Poland (

Former Software Engineer and IT Architect in e-banking systems.

Former Engineering Manager at a FinTech startup (e-money license, contactless payments, becoming Mastercard issuer etc.)

At the moment Head of Engineering at DNA Technology in which we offer Engineering as an Organization model of cooperation for our customers (cross-functional teams taking end-to-end responsibility). For the last 3 years we have been building high-performance teams who have been:
– developing 4 startups (fields: health, social media, e-sports, recruitment)
– developing a FinTech scale up expanding in Europe and obtaining financial license
– developing a scale up in the area of continuous authentication
– developing a FinTech enterprise from scratch being under PCI-DSS and EBA regulations

In the meantime, at Conlea I helped corporations in their DevOps journey (sometimes called transformation via training, mentoring or consulting (business fields: finance, telco, manufacturing, retail).

Jury member at IT Manager of Tomorrow Awards (