Radosław Buszan

Sales Director MidMarket @ Dell Technologies

Awards Jury Panelist


Radek Buszan is an extraordinarily experienced leader. Since 2003, he has been a part of the IT industry, including Dell Technologies for almost 16 years. Presently, as a Segment Lead and Board Member at MidMarket Globals & Acquisition, he oversees a 30-person team consisting of individual co-workers and managers. He is also responsible for strategic and long-term financial and personnel goals. He is the holder of 5 diplomas from renowned universities, including an MBA from GFKM and the University of Rotterdam. Outside of work he is the Vice-Champion of Poland in the M35 age category for the Olympic distance triathlon. He is also the winner of the IT Triathlon in 2017. He has also earned several qualifications for the semi-Ironman world championship and received 9th place in the M35 category for Ironman Barcelona.