Patti Blackstaffe

CEO & Transformation Specialist @ GlobalSway



Patti Blackstaffe is igniting the fusion of technology and humanity.
As industries absorb enterprise technology, develop automation, and utilize data to understand their customers better, companies need leaders equipped for leading digital organizations.

It is no surprise that emotional intelligence, vulnerability, authenticity, and situational awareness are capabilities needed to lead the innovative knowledge teams that drive those technological advances.

A fast-paced, technology-driven business requires a merge of training concepts contextually defined with specific outcomes involving varied development approaches. Patti combines human-centred custom design in leader development, then applies leadership coaching, facilitating, and training, where applicable, to achieve desired behaviour change.

Coach, consultant, trainer, and author, Patti’s mission is to develop accountable, results-oriented, and empathetic leaders in a world that is increasingly digitally driven. A recovering corporate Director of real-time integration for a global technology firm, she is listed as one of HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders for 2021. She is on a No-Baffling-Shenanigans mission to build better digital leaders, and healthier organizations prepared to tackle 21st-century challenges.

Her book; Hacking YOU: A Digital Leader’s Guide to Self-Awareness will be published in 2021.

She has 20-years of tech experience in Energy, Environment, Transportation, and Healthcare. She previously led integration specialists in an international corp. serving 40 countries, now consulting in digital leadership at the Board, CXO, and Dir. Level.