Michał Choiński

Head of IT Digital Channels @ BNP Paribas Bank Polska



I am a leader and a facilitator in the Digital and Transformation area, with 11 years of experience in team creation and leading, complex projects management, process design and optimization. I have a background in the finance and e-commerce sectors from the business and IT perspective. As a manager and product owner, I use a complex approach consisting of client perspective, design thinking, agile and DevOps methodologies and tools. With the support of transparent and honest communication, I encourage team and individuals growth. I always look for scaling, standardization, implementation of the state of art technology.

My awareness of team autonomy and empowerment helps to fulfil its potential. I like to work with people and cooperate with business partners. I consider myself as a synergy, efficiency and optimization seeker. I am reliable for both; development and maintenance of products.