Markus Blomqvist

COO @ Funky!nnovation



My name is Markus Blomqvist, for the past 15 years I have been working with people on the autism spectrum and other neurological variations like ADHD, Tourettes and OCD to learn and develop methods and tools with a simple mission: create a society that includes and work for everyone. Where everyone has the same possibility to grow as a human being, no matter the how we are wired.

I live for social and technical innovation that has the potential to transform people’s lives and the society we live in.

I train and support parents, government officials, authorities, NGOs, all types of professionals, doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, the Swedish employment office and CEOs. Companies like Spotify and academic institutions Stockholm University.

I am co-founder of Funky Innovation that develops and ecosystem of social and technical innovation in 3 areas: Education, Labour market and Leisure.

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