Luc Hennekens

Enterprise Strategist @ Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Keynote Speaker


Luc Hennekens is an experienced global innovation leader. He has held C-level positions in a diverse set of companies, and lived and worked in a dozen countries on 5 continents. His work experience across FMCG, Insurance, Health Care, IT services, Energy, Aviation and Manufacturing has helped him develop his broad view and ability to see patterns overlooked by others.

From his Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management Science he has continued to develop a systems thinking mind-set. Over the years he has built a reputation for “setting the pace” and transforming organisations to their core, giving the human and social aspects of performance improvement the attention they merit next to the commercial and operational facets.

In Qantas he introduced Cloud based innovation in 2013 initiating a complete overhaul of the customer experience, in-flight innovations, a world-first fuel optimization platform and operational optimization using Machine Learning.

In Airbus he led the introduction of Agile practices at scale with those working in agile teams numbering over 800. His teams built industry-leading digital services, an aviation-wide open data platform and designed an innovative, more agile organization model to improve collaboration and innovation.

Luc is an advocate for reviewing, from the ground up, the principles and mechanisms on which organisations are built, to give more space to human ingenuity, accountability, innovation and speed of action.

If you want a straight-talker who is never satisfied with the status quo and believes the customer is always entitled to better and more, talk to Luc.