Jair Ribeiro

Artificial Intelligence Strategist @ Kimberly-Clark

Panelist Speaker


Jair Ribeiro has several years of experience in High Technology Environments in Europe, where he has been leading teams and projects in companies like Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and IBM. He is currently supporting the Volvo Group to innovate through the power of Artificial Intelligence, along with his broad technical background and relevant experience in Business Analysis, Solution Design, Product Management, and Consulting.

Performing his role of AI Evangelist, Jair has been a very active speaker, present in several international Conferences and Summit, always engaged in popularizing not only Information Technology but also Ethics, Leadership, Multiculturalism, and Career Management skills.

On 2020 he is the organizers and one of the top speakers of the TEDx Zaulek Solny by TED that will happen on November in Wroclaw with the theme: Be Brave! Dedicated to showcase examples of courage, regardless of when or how they’ve happened with amazing stories about paradigm shifts and courage.