Jacek Zawadzki




Accomplished Senior IT and Digital Director with more than 20 years’ experience.

Having very good understanding of what is going on in the market, knowing how to ask the right questions, and having a mechanism to stay abreast of emerging technologies and trends.

Actively incorporating digital opportunities and risks into strategy and committee discussions. Mapping out key digital opportunities and underlying risks across the business. Creating a plan for addressing each opportunity and risk.

Partnering with other teams to explore all the options for embracing outside advisors and forming a successful digital strategy.

Skilled change agent with focus on efficiency and value generation. Result oriented with proven managerial and motivational capabilities and ensitivity to cultural diversity.

Proven to build highly-regarded, cost-effective IT and Digital organizations and infrastructures supporting globally distributed organization.

Reporting to the Group VP, IT.

Member of Hempel Group Functional Management Team (FMT) and Hempel Group IT Management Team (IMT). Member of the Board of Hempel Paints (Poland).


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