Dr. Don Page

Strategic Director of Service Management @ Marval



As Director of IT Service Management in the Marval Group, Don known as “The God Father of ITIL”, his straight talking, pragmatic & innovative approaches to service improvement have made him a world-renowned & respected industry figure. Don has been responsible for the design & implementation of some of Europe’s largest Service & Support operations.

Don has been responsible for Co-authoring several major service management publications, including:-

• ISO/IEC 20000 (Worldwide Standard for IT Service Management)
• ITIL (worldwide Good Practice guidance in IT Service Management)
• BS15000 (British Standard for IT Service Management)
• Service Desk Institute (SDI) Best practice guidance
• The world’s first “master’s degree in IT Service Management”
• Dons team are ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certified

Service managers are always at the sharp end of Service level performance. We need to provide management information which shows what a great job our team does, the value we add and importantly to instil customer and organisational confidence in one of their most expensive assets –YOU.

This thought provoking and interactive session will highlight some of the approaches Don has have taken when embarking on service transition and improvement activities.

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