Beata Wilczek

VP of Engineering @ Solarisbank



Hi, my name is Beata Wilczek and I serve as VP of Engineering in Solarisbank. I hold an MBA degree in Executive Management, a master degree in Information Technology, a technician degree in Electronics and my first programming language was ASSEMBLY 🙂

Before Solarisbank, I’ve worked for a number of companies in different capacities and different industries. Software Developer, Project, Program and Vendor Manager, Service Management Delivery Head, Transformation Manager, IT Digital Development Director and Engineering Director are all the positions I have held up till now.

Over 15 years’ experience in IT Business equipped me with the ability to evaluate potential risks, connect multiple items and drive conclusions from sometimes not obvious relations, recognize talents, and lead Product Engineering Teams.

No matter what I was working on I always focused on building diversified, empowered, self motivated, effective and very close-knit teams! I strongly believe that your company is only as strong as the people that work for it. True passino, true collaboration and true ownership is all that matters!