Gear up yourself up
for tomorrow

A unique opportunity to participate in professional workshops and develop the skills you need to be ready for tomorrow. Gear Up workshop is a 90-150 minutes long, highly interactive learning activity, that focuses on practical and immediate application back on the job.

Gear Up Workshops

Choose from one of many workshops ranging from operational to strategic in focus. A detailed description of particular workshops will be published at a later date. With approx. one week’s notice, you will have an opportunity to pick the workshops of your choice. Gear Up Workshops are optional and involve an additional fee.

Gear up Workshops

Bastian Küntzel

CEO & Co-Founder @ Incontro Training

Leadership is a Choice: Leading colleagues, leading your leader, leading yourself

Gear up Workshops

Radosław Gnat

Information Security Service Manager @ GSK

Threat Actors: Who’s interested in me?

Have you ever wondered who are the people that are attacking companies?
Or trying to know your secrets?
Do you know why they are doing this and on whose behalf?
Have you ever wondered if you can protect yourself from such attacks?

Gear up Workshops

Elena Zhukova

Senior Strategic Business Analyst @ Lufthansa Systems Poland

Mateusz Paprocki


How to use OKR to drive a Digital transformation

Gear up Workshops

Tomasz Szymborski

Senior Agile Coach, SPC @ Nordea

Roadmap for successful scaled agile transformation

Gear up Workshops

Krzysztof Kozakiewicz

CEO @ Let's Manage IT

Decision making for IT leaders

Decision making for IT leaders Gear Up is a half-day (3 hrs) learning experience during which you will increase you decision making awareness and skills.
What will be discussed during this Gear-Up workshop:
How we make decisions?
Pitfalls and barriers to effective decision making
Different types of decision situations
Rational approach to decision making