Gear up yourself up
for tomorrow

A unique opportunity to participate in professional workshops and develop the skills you need to be ready for tomorrow. Gear Up workshop is a 90-150 minutes long, highly interactive learning activity, that focuses on practical and immediate application back on the job.

Gear Up Workshops

Choose from one of many workshops ranging from operational to strategic in focus. A detailed description of particular workshops will be published at a later date. With approx. one week’s notice, you will have an opportunity to pick the workshops of your choice. Gear Up Workshops are optional and involve an additional fee.

Gear up Workshops

Paweł Banaszak

Communication and Marketing Manager @ USS United Shipping Services AB

LinkedIn - Personal Branding for IT Leaders

Gear up Workshops

Maciej Obuchowski

Senior IT Architect - Process Automation @ Arla Foods

Implementacja RPA okiem praktyka

Robotic Process Automation jeden z najszybciej rozwijających się obszarów Enterprise IT. Technologia obiecująca gigantyczne oszczędności i szybki czas wdrożenia ma zarówno zagorzałych zwolenników jak i przeciwników. Obrosła też pewnymi mitami na które postaram się rzucić trochę światła. Podczas workshopu spojrzymy na typowy plan implementacji RPA w organizacji i zaanalizujemy go od praktycznej strony, dostarczając konkretnych odpowiedzi i szczegółów przydatnych do przeprowadzenia implementacji RPA która zakończy się sukcesem. Jeśli chciałbyś dowiedzieć się więcej o implementacji RPA od praktycznej strony bądź chciałbyś zadać pytania dotyczące implementacji w której obecnie uczestniczysz, serdecznie zapraszam na mój workshop.

Gear up Workshops

Decision making for IT leaders

Decision making for IT leaders Gear Up is a half-day (3 hrs) learning experience during which you will increase you decision making awareness and skills.
What will be discussed during this Gear-Up workshop:
How we make decisions?
Pitfalls and barriers to effective decision making
Different types of decision situations
Rational approach to decision making

Gear up Workshops

Bastian Küntzel

CEO & Co-Founder @ Incontro Training

Leadership is a Choice: Leading colleagues, leading your leader, leading yourself

Who are your leaders? No, not in the org-chart. Who do you choose to follow? Why them? Who has chosen to follow you? Why should they? In this workshop, we will explore the concept of Humane Leadership, and why leadership is a choice that many don’t make, even if they have ‘leader’ written in their job title. We will also unpack how making that choice can be transformative for you and those who you offer to lead. Saturated in humanity, confident in its humility and revolutionary in its potential.

Gear up Workshops

Elena Zhukova

Senior Strategic Business Analyst @ Lufthansa Systems Poland

Mateusz Paprocki


How to use OKR to drive a Digital transformation

Since COVID breakout we've started using digital tools to communicate on a scale that was unseen ever before. Lack of face-to-face contact introduced a new set of challenges with alignment and trust as key factors of success or even survival. During the workshop you will learn how to use OKRs to enhance communication across remote teams, ensure alignment and, most important, deliver strategic outcomes. Learning will take place in groups - we will go through a few cases in a role-play fashion. Prior OKR knowledge/experience is not required.

Gear up Workshops

Andrew Tarvin

CEO @ Humor That Works

Find Your Funny: How to Strategically Use Humor at Work

Now that you understand the importance of using humor in your work, let's talk about how to do it. Humor is a skill which means it can be learned. This session will teach you that skill by helping you understand your personal humor style and teach you a process for punching up your work to gain more laughter, increase engagement, and have a lot more fun.

Gear up Workshops

Patti Blackstaffe

CEO & Transformation Specialist @ GlobalSway

Leading the Complexity of Change

Digital leaders will plot and estimate the complexity of change to develop sound resourcing and planning decisions relating to technology change and disruption, including value realization, costs and risks. In this workshop you will understand the change thresholds of complexity, the activities involved and the human responses you will encounter. You will be armed with the information needed to make a case to senior management for the level of OCM as it relates to desired performance and commitment.

Gear up Workshops

Kevin Romijn

SAFe Program Consultant and certified SAFe, Agile, DevOps trainer.

How fly4you can support your Digital Transformation? - SAFe business simulation

We have created a SAFe business simulation which helps organizations and professionals to create the right momentum in changing their organization based on SAFe principles. During this 2 hour workshop you will be invited to experience first hand what the SAFe simulation is and how it can help organizations in their digital transformation.

Gear up Workshops

Tomasz Pająk

Head of Engineering @ DNA Technology / DevOps and Agile Lead @ Conlea

Dilemmas you may encounter in your DevOps journey but can solve in a safe-to-fail environment

Expected outcome of the session: Help attendees to prepare mentally and in a meritocratic way to what they may encounter in their DevOps transformations in their organizations. During this 1-hour workshop / extended interactive talk I would like to expose the attendees to several DevOps dilemmas they may encounter in their DevOps journey in their organisations.

Gear up Workshops

Bob Dignen

Director @ YorkAssociates

the 8 Habits of Great International Communicators

Better communication - Better collaboration - Better results [...]