Aleksandra Kulga

Head of Human Resources @ Siemens Digital Logistics


Korneliusz Tabaka

Head Of Software Development Unit @ Siemens Digital Logistics


The Loneliness of Being a Manager

Loneliness at the top doesn’t necessarily come from physical isolation: who spends more time at meetings than managers? The inability to make deep human connections at work often leads to solitude and it’s most visible for those in managerial positions.

At work, successful people are “lonely in a crowd.” A survey by Harvard Business Review revealed that half of CEOs experience loneliness at work and most of them feel it hinders their work performance.

Together with the audience we will try to answer the question: “Why is it so lonely at the top?” and of course find strategies helping with this problem.

We don’t want to play experts who know what to do. We just want to shed some light on the managers’ loneliness, share our experience, observations and encourage others to share theirs. Above all, show that they are not alone.

The presentation will have the form of an interview with Ola asking Korneliusz some questions. Korneliusz will share his personal story and the audience will probably recognized some of his dilemmas as their own.

We will talk about the following topics:

– New team, new fears, same fight.

– Coffee/lunch break: with whom, who should initiate the meeting, what might be the implications?

– You’re a leader, so you “must know everything”: questions are for the weak.

– Between the worlds: a team member or a company’s representative.

Ola will add a few interesting facts based on research and psychological knowledge to underline the problem and point out the consequences of the situation in a bit surprising and humorous way.

We will involve the audience by using different methods like: brainstorming, surveys and asking questions.

Leadership and Culture 


12:55 - 13:30

Interactive Stage