Ania Kopysiewicz

HR Manager @ Oanda Poland


Michael Bird

Director of Engineering @ OANDA


The future of work isn’t about working from home – OANDA’s case study

In 2020 Covid-19 upended our jobs and shifted the way people around the world have had to work. At the same time OANDA has grown globally with more people working across locations, time zones and teams.

The question everyone has been asking is how often we will be working from home after the pandemic. When we set out to answer that question at OANDA, we discovered that whether someone was at home or in the office wasn’t the highest value problem to solve. So what was it?

With this presentation we’d like to share OANDA’s case study of how the Future of Work project met both business strategy and employees expectations. We’ll go through the process of gaining insights, defining needs and implementing solutions.

Leadership and Culture 


12:15 - 12:50

Case Study Stage