Bob Dignen

Director @ YorkAssociates

Gear Up Trainer

the 8 Habits of Great International Communicators

Better communication – Better collaboration – Better results

In this workshop Bob Dignen, a trainer, coach and author in the field of international leadership and communication for over 20 years, explores the essential habits which can make you a great international communicator.

Internationalisation presents many opportunities for organisations. However, it is well documented that working internationally also brings added challenges. Cross-border working frequently leads to breakdowns in communication and inefficient team collaboration, which ultimately impact on customer relationships and profitability.

In the session we explore key habits which will help you to communicate, collaborate and lead excellently when you work cross-border. · Think twice · Lower the waterline · Communicate unnaturally · Don’t do your job · Be remotely excellent · Develop organisational intelligence · Enjoy critical feedback · Seek balance

Leadership and Culture 


15:45 - 16:45

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