Mark Gallagher

Managing Director @ Performance Insights Ltd

Keynote Speaker

Driving a High Performance Culture

Formula 1 is a high performance sport, but for the technology companies which compete to create the fastest cars in the world there is a dual requirement – to combine the best in people in technology in a way that unlocks new levels of performance. The leadership of Formula 1 teams recognise that technology alone is not the answer – this simply provides a suite of tools which enable a group of people to deliver success and drive innovation. The story of digital transformation in this sport comes down to a desire to guarantee success – a data driven environment in which high quality data is supplied – often in real time – in order for a team to improve decision making and accurately predict outcomes. In driving a high performance team the way in which data is retrieved, stored, secured, managed and accessed is critical as it is information which fuels the ability of top teams to effectively manage risk, ensure sustained performance and unlock competitive advantage. In achieving this, the technology helps human teams to perform at a level which was previously unimagined.