Paweł Banaszak

Communication and Marketing Manager @ USS United Shipping Services AB


Personal branding for IT Managers

You don’t need to create a “personal brand”. It’s already a part of your life. It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room. What you cando is take control and make your brand work for you. Join the workshop to learn how to approach developing your personal brand by:

  • setting the right goals
  • connecting with the right people
  • using the full potential of LinkedIn and other online platforms.

During the workshop, by using a hands-on approach, we will:

  • discuss the whys and hows of personal branding
  • establish who are the people that can help you achieve your goals and how to connect with them in a meaningful way
  • walk through the PAT (Profile, Activity, conTent) methodology of using LinkedIn
  • practice creating content
  • plan 3 concrete actions you will take after the workshop to develop your brand.
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