Dominika Pacyna

Service Architect @ StoneX

Gear Up Trainer

OMG, nothing works here

Have you been in a situation when you thought that an organization you have joined, or have been part of for some time could – let’s say – do things in a better way?

Or do you see areas within your team or department that do not work as they should and you would like to change them?

The good news is – you can change that and I can help you. I have a proven track of solving baffling problems and driving improvement initiatives with surprisingly simple tools.

Join me for a workshop during which you will hear a little bit of theory about driving a successful change and have an opportunity to work on your use case and develop a plan for fixing a problem that has a good chance to work out.

During the workshop you will learn to:

– Define the area with issues and look for what is causing it.

– Look at a problem from different perspectives and potential areas outside of your influence.

– Get to the root cause of the problem

– Pick your battles

– Learn how to build efficient processes and consider using them as a tool for making a change.

– Ensure your effort is not wasted

– Enjoy your success or learn from lack of it. And try again.