Izabela Ohler

Senior IT Security Specialist @ Nordea

Gear Up Day Trainer

Alesia Muravitskaya

Information Technology Security Specialist @ Nordea

Gear Up Day Trainer

Nastassia Halich

IT Security Specialist (IAM), Scrum Master @ Nordea

Gear Up Day Trainer

Cyber Office 2020

Year 2020. Secure and protected?

No secret that in these troubling times the business environment is getting even more vague and complex. Obviously, it’s difficult to predict what the future holds, and this uncertainty triggers various additional threats in our physical, social, and cyber spaces.

So what can you do?

You can continue feel anxious, or you can master some useful techniques which can become your lifejacket to steer through turbulent waters. If you are in favour of the latter, come to our workshop!

Being IT Security Professionals by trade and leading cross-team collaboration in an international organisation, we help it not only be IT secure but also support teams in identifying process risks and becoming resilient against teamwork vulnerabilities. It’s all about the Defence in Depth strategy which we’ll prove its analogy can be universal and applied to many areas – not only Cyber Security.

We devised a management game, interactive exercises and compiled useful information to present you with multiple layers and independent methods you can introduce to defend yourself and your team against each letter in this infamous VUCA word. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be geared up with many practical lifehacks on how to:

Make your international team feel safe, and secure its collaboration
– Identify risks in your threat model and introduce right requirements
– Patch communication skills
– Upgrade mind-ware (emotional and cultural intelligence)

We guarantee you’ll be safe and sound on a journey with us!