Katarzyna Karpińska

Technical Tribe Lead, Common Connectivity Experience Tribe @ T-Mobile Polska


Piotr Hołownia

Country Digital Manager / CDO @ IKEA


From power to the broom – journey from a manager to the servant leader

Manager or a leader? Is it possible to transform from one to another? What is needed to address that change and why we think that we are successful? Is it worth chasing?

Drawing from our experience we will tell a story of a thrilling journey from line management to servant leadership in an organization transforming from project driven world to an agile and customer-focused environment. We will highlight what was difficult for us to change in our behaviour and how we coped with that; how we build teams and support them in their daily work; what kind of culture based on virtues we pursue; and finally what benefits this kind of experience brings for everyone involved.


3 takeaways

  1. Personal challenges faced when implementing servant leadership style
  2. Why it is beneficial to build culture based on virtues
  3. Inclusive leadership – what does it mean and why it is worthy of implementing