Marta Adamek - Trzaskalska

EMEA IT Platform Services Portfolio and Project Management Lead @ Aon


From zero to hero – path to leadership

Leadership is not given, it’s a learning process – something you grow into. You surely can be born with a set of traits that make leadership easier, doesn’t mean you will use it wisely. So what are the growing pains that a future leader needs to go through? How to deal with them? What choices to make? How not to get lost? ..and then, when you finally achieve your long-awaited goal and you become a leader, suddenly you realize that your road has just begun… What then?
Those any many other questions will be answered during a speech, where I will share some stories (also personal) of the bumpy road towards leadership.

Presentation 3 key takeways:
·      Self-awareness is the fundament of your leadership
·      Acceptance of how you operate means you acknowledge the benefits and consequences of being who you are
·      Every leader is unique and should shape his/her own leadership lifestyle