Damian Szczepaniak

ITIL Expert @ Conlea

Gear Up Day Trainer

Exploring ITIL®4 with the MarsLander simulation

As Agile and DevOps ways of working are becoming mainstream, organizations adopting these ‘new ways of working’ are becoming increasingly frustrated with ITIL®. ITIL is seen as too bureaucratic and something that is slowing things down. ITIL®4 is the latest version from Axelos. Aimed at aligning with Agile and Lean ways of working to deliver faster end-to-end value to the business.

In this simulation delegates will play the Mission Control team for the MarsLander flight launched by Space-Y. The Sales Director has existing contracts with Universities and Research centers to sell data from the flight, and is offering more functionality and features to access data from the tail of the comet hardy 4, the Martian atmosphere and the Martian surface. The Product owner and Application development will rapidly deploy these new requirements. Meanwhile, the service manager, the service desk and systems engineers are supporting the flight and maintaining systems stability and availability according to agreed service levels, as well as taking on board new services. The Vendor is supporting the team and delivering cloud solutions. As the mission unfolds increasing requests, customer feedback, technical debt, emerging technologies, incidents, events and problems arise. Numerous demands and opportunities. How can the team apply ITIL®4 concepts to ensure business value and outcomes are achieved and costs and risks are mitigated? Failure is not an option. Customers have choices. Other Space agencies offer fast deployment of safe, reliable services. Are you good enough to be part of the Space-Y Mission control team? Can you translate ITIL theory into practice? Can you demonstrate how ITIL adds value to the business and provides a competitive edge. At the end of this workshop you will capture pragmatic ITIL4 takeaways you can take away and apply starting tomorrow!