Aleksandra Motriuk

Executive Managing Director @ InterComm Coaching & Communication

Gear Up Day Trainer Speaker

Rafał Motriuk

Executive Communications Consultant @ InterComm Coaching & Communication

Gear Up Day Trainer Speaker

Depression and how companies can go about this mental health issue

InterComm’s experts tell their depression story based on personal experience. One is a former sufferer, the other is his life and business partner supporting him throughout. Deeply personal and very different narratives of the same experience amount to one fuller picture of this mental health issue offering others a guide to maintaining good mental strength.

Find out which symptoms to watch out for in yourself, close ones and in colleagues and team members. Plus, tips of what (not) to do when you suspect someone feels low.

Depression is a leading cause of disability; untreated it can lead to suicide. It affects employees and employers. Sharing his personal story will be a former sufferer, ex-BBC journalist, now InterComm’s consultant Rafal Motriuk. Joined by his wife, Aleksandra, a PCC ICF coach and mentor to recount her experience as a life partner of a clinically depressed. Powerful, personal and unmissable awareness session for anyone with wellbeing in their hearts and minds.