Bartosz Kozakiewicz

CEO @ Conlea


Decision making for IT leaders

„Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level”
Peter Drucker
Decision making for IT leaders Gear Up is a half-day (3 hrs) learning experience during which you will increase you decision making awareness and skills.
What will be discussed during this Gear-Up workshop
  • How we make decisions?
  • Pitfalls and barriers to effective decision making
    • Emotions
    • Cognitive biases
    • Abundance or lack of information
    • Risk aversion and indecisiveness
  • Different types of decision situations
    • Subconscious and intuitive
    • Need for the best choice
    • Decision as a part of creative process
  • Rational approach to decision making
    • Understand context and purpose
    • Define criteria
    • Find your options
    • Evaluate and reality-test your options and assumptions
    • Evaluate risks of being wrong
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