Amir Elion

Digital Innovation Lead, Nordics @ Amazon Web Services


Culture of innovation

Amazon’s approach to innovation has remained consistent since the company first launched – start with the customer, and work backwards. To support long-term innovation at speed and scale, Amazon’s Culture of Innovation is organized around four interdependent elements:
• Culture – be customer obsessed, hire builders, empower them to build fast, and retain a “Day 1″ culture that fosters innovation and surprises and delights customers
• Mechanisms – processes and mental models that help turn good intentions into action, and facilitate highvelocity decision-making and execution
• Architecture – establish a technical structure that supports rapid growth and change, reduces dependencies, and allows greater access to the technology that helps you builders build
• Organization – small, autonomous teams that own what they create, with the right resources to support rapid innovation, nimble experimentation, and a single-threaded focus on their customers

Leadership and Culture 


10:25 - 11:25

Inspiration Stage