Paweł Rekowski

Technical Team Leader @ eMAG


Between rock and a hard place – How to combine business and IT using Big Picture EventStorming

Did you ever try to combine business and IT? Welcome to the IT leaders’ hell where you are caught between rock and a hard place. Let’s assume, you have a huge, old, legacy application that even the oldest developers don’t fully understand and you need to maintain and develop it. Sounds familiar?

In my work, this is a day-to-day challenge and I needed a good tool to help me with that. After long research, I learned about the EventStorming Big Picture workshop which is fast, efficient, and like nothing else can finally put business and IT on the same page with one clear vision for everybody.

In this presentation I will show you:
• What is EventStorming and why you need it in your leader’s toolbox?
• Why this tool is so powerful and can solve many of your organization’s problems?
• How we solved the problem with long support SLA for tasks that belong to many teams (so basically to no one)?
• How to identify zones of responsibility and split them between teams?
• How to find a redundant part of the flow and remove it and save a lot of money?
• How to build a relationship between business and IT?
• How to identify the most expensive problems and find solutions in a few hours or days instead of weeks or months?
• How we did on-site EventStorming in the past and how to do it now remotely?
• How to deal with international cultural differences during the workshop?
• and much more 🙂
Everything that I’ll say is based on my personal experience from dozens of EventStorming sessions (one of which – as asserted by Alberto Brandolini, creator of EventStorming technique – was the largest EventStorming session in the world) where I used 52 meters of paper, 2500+ post-its, and had more than 50 people in the same room working together.

Technology and Information


12:15 - 12:50

Case Study Stage