Bastian Küntzel

CEO & Co-Founder @ Incontro Training

Gear Up Trainer

Amplified Humanity

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, we can see a new era of production and work on the horizon. The hope is that we will be able to get machines to do the things we were never good at, the ones that require physical strength, speed, weather resistance or are super monotonous. And then we could do the things we are uniquely good at. The human stuff. Creating meaning. Building Connections. Curiosity, reflection, art, creativity. Leaders and managers are generally not trained to amplify the humanity of the people they lead. In fact, many have been trained through school, university, at work while being managed, and now in their praxis to do just the opposite. It is in the messy humanness that our future lies. The stakes are high, it’s going to be interesting.