Monika Jurkiewicz

Service Management Lead @ Formula 1

Panelist Speaker

A Formula 1 Season Like No Other – Service Management’s Story of a Remarkable Year

When the news broke out that Formula 1 would not race in Australia in March 2020, nobody could predict what was about to happen. One thing was certain – we had to forget everything we knew and rethink our entire operation. F1 thrives on challenges and innovation and while 2020 was completely unprecedented, we had to act fast and adapt to a new, unknown reality.
Service Management was at the forefront of this adaptation – in a time of crisis it was perfectly placed to act as a critical, central “glue”, joining everyone together and driving deeper, cultural improvements while championing ITIL’s spirit in unexpected ways.
Join Monika as she talks about:
·    “Service Re-Design” and the role Service Management played in F1’s adaptation to the Covid-19 challenges when delivering an unprecedented 2020 Race Season
·    Ways in which F1’s Technology and Business teams came together during the most turbulent year to date
·    Modern Service Management at Formula 1 and its value even in the most unlikely scenarios

Business and Strategy


10:50 - 11:25

Case Study Stage